Homeless is dedicated to releasing only the finest garage, punk, trash, r'n'r, scuzz, noise and interesting sounds around.

All presented to you on the most glorious format of all - VINYL !!

"Australia’s Homeless Records was the label of the year (2013). Going from releasing one LP in 2012 (Bits of Shit’s debut) to ten this year, Homeless established itself as the go-to label for dirty, grimy real world rock music. Featuring a nice split between crucial archival releases (both Stabs LPs and bringing late 90s Tasmanian heroes The Stickmen to wider attention) and vital new Oz bands like the aforementioned Cuntz, the Teasers-meets-Killdozer grind of Sewers (Hoisted) and the corroded psych-punk of Gentlemen (Sex Tape). Homeless even found the time to squeeze out K-85, a lovely album by Dan Melchior that is like Dan’s miniature Another Green World. And for the finishing blow, Richie even snuck in first-time vinyl issues of Tasmanian local legends The Stickmen; I’m partial to the livewire postpunk of the ’98 debut. More meaty stuff is on deck for the coming twelve months. It’s a good time to be Homeless."

Terminal-Boredom / Mute Tremors

  • The Stabs - Dirt
  • bits of shit cut sleeves
  • The Stabs
  • Cntz band shot
  • BITS OF SHIT by Mark Murrman
  • Miles Brown The Night Terrors
  • Yes I'm Leaving group shot