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Here at Homeless, we’ve crapped our piss-stained pants in excitement at the launch of our website, on the 2nd anniversary of being Homeless. It was two years ago the Bits of Shit and Homeless combined to kick-start what was once referred to as “Melbourne’s most offensive record label”.

New releases in June include the psych post-punk of Shovels and French veterans of angular and snappy punk, Subtle Turnhips Redhair With Some. These will be followed by Homeless once again diving into Tasmania’s icy waters with The Dacios album, Monkey’s Blood – which Mess+Noise declared “Could Monkeys Blood (damn the missing apostrophe – fixed now by Homeless) be the best Australian rock’n’roll record of the decade? I would like to think that in years to come this album will be regarded as highly as (I’m) Stranded, X-Aspirations, Blood Red River or Life Was Better, but only time will truly tell” plus an outstanding live album by Bird Blobs Back on the Beast and fellow Hobart noise-mongers H.M.A.S. with their unreleased album Fear God Honour The King. You have to hear these three Tassie treats to believe how brilliant they really are.

All of these releases will be limited to just 250-350 copies each, so your best means to not miss out is by entering your email and clicking that little “SUBSCRIBE” button to the right…

Thanks to all that have supported Homeless in our 2 years of existence and please stick with us as we announce a few genuine surprises and new ventures before the end of 2014.

Shovels - ShovelsBird Blobs - Back On The BeastSubtle Turnhips - Redhair With SomeThe Dacios - Monkey's Blood

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