The Stabs - Dirt
"Close your eyes and remember how confronting The Scientists were in 1983, or how Sonic Youth and their earliest contemporaries managed to give a two-fingered salute to the new wave bands of the early '80s by creating an almost infinite shower of white guitar noise." - Patrick Emery
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The Stabs - Dead Wood
“One of our most extraordinary and potent bands.” – Rene Schaefer (Mess+Noise)
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Cuntz - Aloha
"...these new Australian bands just continue to kick asses and take names. 'Aloha' kicks off with a massive headache, coming off like Flipper and Venom P. Stinger in a head-on collision. Thank god for them." - RK (Terminal Boredom)
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Bits of Shit - Cut Sleeves
“…this debut LP is a future classic of hairy-necked überpunk.” - Noel Gardner (
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