Bits of Shit - Cut Sleeves

Bits of Shit – Cut Sleeves

Release date: 19th July, 2012
Limited edition of 300 copies (4th pressing)

Vinyl LP + download code

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And thus, the band is Bits of Shit. These charmers have been around for about 3 and a half years, having morphed from another previous outfit, The Southernhay Orphans. The band consists of Danny on vocals, Andy on guitar, Elias on bass and Pete on drums. They’ve played over 50 shows in their lifespan, released a 7″ on Melbourne’s Lexicon Devil label (now sold out), played at Melbourne’s annual Maggotfest and September 2012 they tore it up at Memphis’ Holy Grail of rock & roll festivals, Gonerfest. Many regarded it as the highlight of Gonerfest 9 and still rave about it. Their ages range from the early 20s to the early 40s. In real life, they are responsible citizens, two of them educators of young children; on stage, they are Bits of Shit.

Cut Sleeves is the debut full-lengther from the band, and the debut release for Homeless. The album is available only on the 12″ long-player format , featuring a download card, lyric sheet and the stunning cover art of local artist, Rona Green. All 13 tracks were recorded by the band and mixed and mastered by man-about-town, Mikey Young.

The sound of Bits of Shit is caught within the netherworld of tough-arsed Aussie punk/pub rock
a la Powder Monkeys / X / Rose Tattoo, the fuzzed minimalism of Wire and The Wipers and the art brut of Black Flag and their minions. Danny’s nasally howl is part John Lydon and part Bon Scott, Andy’s guitar hysterics stem squarely from the Ginn-damaged school of six-string dementia, and that rhythm section… those kids are sphincter-tight. In short: THIS IS THE REAL DEAL.

In a live setting, Bits of Shit have knocked socks off and frightened unsuspecting squares from the premises on frequent occasions. The pure ENERGY of the band is captivating. Cut Sleeves captures that energy for all to hear, even in the comfort of your very own living room. When you have THE SONGS and THE ENERGY together, THAT is the reason why Cut Sleeves must be purchased and heard, capice?
Ergo sum whatever-the-fuck. Good night.

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Reviews of Cut Sleeves

“All the songs are stellar… Again, I reckon, that qualifies this black circle as an outstanding record overall… so much that I found this to be one of the best records of 2012? Or is Cut Sleeves just simply that good? Decide for yourself, I’m just here to tell ya it’s worth your consideration.”
Your Flesh

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