The Night Terrors - Spiral Vortex cover

The Night Terrors – Spiral Vortex

Release date: 28th February, 2014
Limited edition of 400 copies

BLACK 180gm vinyl, gatefold sleeve + download code

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UK 2CD edition includes Back To Zero, distributed by Forte and Revolver.

Melbourne horror synth heavyweights The Night Terrors return with their new album Spiral Vortex. Featuring the haunting theremin melodies of Miles Brown, plus an orgy of vintage electronics, Spiral Vortex sees the band build upon their post-prog roots to explore a broader universe of warped psychedelia, thunderous dreamscapes and dark cosmic dance.
Spectacular art designed by Luke Fraser.

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Reviews of Spiral Vortex

“There’s a plethora of records out now from a legion of labels revisiting the unsettling soundtracks to many a pulpy horror or science fiction film, and what the Night Terrors do is take this all of this as a base to build upon – and they do this in such a staggering fashion that they are almost a genre in themselves, such is the way that they occupy their remarkable niche. Spiral Vortex is one of those genuinely exciting records that you can’t help but want to tell everyone else about, safe in the knowledge that they are unlikely to have ever come across anything quite like it before.”
6 Days From Tomorrow

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