Yes I'm Leaving - Mission Bulb

Yes I’m Leaving – Mission Bulb

Release date: 29th September, 2014
Limited edition of 400 copies

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Hearing this three-piece noise rock juggernaut from Sydney for the first time is like walking blindly around a corner and being laid out on your arse by blunt force trauma to the head. From the first blood-curdling scream and blistering wall of sound on the band’s Mission Bulb LP, listeners get the feeling that something special is going on here. It makes you wonder how such a gem as this has gone relatively unnoticed, a fact that Homeless hopes to rectify in 2014.

Yes I’m Leaving have been bubbling away in the suburbs for a few years, releasing three LP’s and perfecting an intense live show that is something akin to a sonic melting pot of Scratch Acid and Big Black. The band’s rhythm section, comprised of bassist David Cook and drummer Anthony Boyer, create a brutal steamroller that serves as the perfect platform to aid Billy Burke’s thrashing guitar and borderline tortured vocal delivery. Not since the days of Stu Spasm’s Lubricated Goat has Sydney seen such an intriguing mix of noise and menace.

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Reviews of Mission Bulb

“More violent than ‘Get Up Morning’, Mission Bulb delivers a wake up call that is more like that move in cartoons where someone crashes cymbals together on either side of someone else’s head. Their third album doesn’t abandon their “flash-in-the-pan brutality”, though they’ve evolved a more crafted unrestraint. ‘Hey! My Soul Will Heal’ and ‘Creepyman’ move with colossal chomping guitar riffs, those low lying dungeon sharks that so defined their last album, Nothing. Yes I’m Leaving had always mastered the rock equivalent of angry and hunched over with hoods down low, but now they’ve moved away from Incesticide sounds for daggers out; a choreographed knife fight and oh, the screaming.

In 2010, guitarist Billy Burke told Satanic Bong Breath that he writes his songs about “whatever I’m pissed off about at the time. Which is a lot”. In the three years hence, the world has clearly not cut Billy any slack, and the insults have gone straight to his lungs, en-monstering them into peerless bellows for complaint punk. His rise to screaming heights has been Jonathan Livingston Seagull-esque and the guitars have risen with him; never before were they so angry. My favourite is the most unrestrained ‘Song For You’; it’s a screamer; it’s a shredder; it’s a song to excise all your violent urges. Maybe that’s why Yes I’m Leaving appear so peaceable; they put all theirs into their music.”
The Thousands

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