AD Skinner

A.D. SKINNER – s/t 7″




“Melbourne punkers debut 7” with a name that I'm guessing is an X-Files reference. I think “hardcore-garage” is the term for this one, perhaps a more trebly and kinder take on Bits of Shit, but only kind in comparison to those jean-vested Aussie heavies. Sausage Skinner still has a quite yobby sounding voice and yammers and shouts very well in his own right. Four tunes here, “On the Nod” being the catchiest with a careening velocity and good riff. “Sex Pest” is faster and punker and has the best yammering, probably my fave of the batch. “Nobody Knows” is a downward lurching riffer, this time maybe a really tough sounding Chinese Burns for another geographically apt comparison. “Loose Ends” sounds like an ECSR tune played at double time, and ties into the fact that this is another Mikey Young recording job and the band does have Danny Current in the line-up as well.”
Terminal Boredom


Release date: May, 2014
Limited edition of 329 copies on 3xReaper Records

Side A
1. On the Nod
2. Sex Pest
Side B
1. Nobody Knows
2. Loose Ends

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mikey Young

“Melbourne hardcore punks, A.D. Skinner, keep it simple and play to the strengths of the genre…more fuzz, less thrash, monotone vox, not guttural screams, homemade sounding, not overproduced bro-core, loud, not hideous. This band reminds me of why I really need to just buy a plane ticket to Australia and see all the great bands there.”
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