bulls - dancing on sinking sands

BULLS – Dancing On Sinking Sands LP



One of Homeless' favourite albums from 2012 needs to be appreciated by a wider audience so we have copies available for Australian distribution. Hope to get copies overseas soon.

“Siblings Linda and 'Bean' Johnston's reflective Sunday morning country rock contemplation. More Johnny Cash than Johnny Thunders, Bulls' debut record Dancing on Sinking Sands peers through the booze, smoke and anger to uncover a world of fractured emotions and troubled humanity. On Finger, Bulls waltz through a tale of imperfect romance; on Our Love Linda follows the well-trodden path of spurned lover while Bean flirts with Johnny Marr's resonant guitar sound. Dance invokes the spirit of Nick Cave at his most empathetic; Dirty Sheets basks in the afterglow of a night with Patsy Cline and the intensity of Ghosts in a Bullring conjures up the tortured spirit of Jeffrey Lee Pierce stumbling in search of salvation. The best love songs come straight from the heart. Bulls know love isn't always pretty.”

(our fulfillment partners don’t have copies yet, but we’re working on it)

Release date: 1st May, 2012
180gm vinyl, numbered edition of 250 copies, download code

Linda J and Bean Johnston were once upon a time one half of punk legends Little Ugly Girls, the most famous Tasmanian band never to release a record.

Dissolving L.U.G’s somewhere around the turn of the century, they reinvented themselves as Melbourne rock darlings The Dacios, releasing their album Monkey’s Blood in 2009, which Homeless is releasing for the first time on vinyl, 14th July 2014.

Linda J and Bean Johnston’s creative partnership spans literally a lifetime; it has to — they’re brother and sister, and this new album is in fact dedicated to their parents. Dancing on Sinking Sands sees the duo leave behind the feedback
stained rock dynamic, of which they’re masters, and lay their hearts open with ten new torch songs – a series of allegories of romantic love, abandoned love, mad love and a love of life.

Reminiscent of Patti Smith’s later work, Thalia Zadek, or even Nick Cave’s Boatman’s Call, Dancing on Sinking Sands sees the Johnston kids dip their hands into the well marked ‘Country’ and lets tradition glaze the songs with a classic shade of melancholy over the album’s two halves – ‘Dancing’ and ‘On Sinking Sands’.

It’s a narrative folding backwards on itself evenly as it unwinds, telling both stories of found love and faded love at the same time. As Linda tells us, “…the idea with the album title is that the joy and sorrow of love sit together without begrudging the imperative of their dual existence, and in a broader sense, it’s the idea that through adversity we fight the good fight”.

Casting herself as the Queen of Heartbreak, Linda plays her characters like a white Etta James.
She’s Gena Rowlands fronting the Burrito Brothers. Dannie ‘Bean’ Johnston’s guitar snakes a spine through these songs
with an economy, maturity and a deftness of touch only a lifetime of playing can provide – illustrating Linda’s fables of desolate love with country inflections one minute and the next providing a steady canvas on which his little sister can join the dots between the stars that appear at dawn.

The album features a superb array of guest musicians, whose formidable talents are exploited to compliment the sparse acoustic arrangements that Bulls are known for as a live band.

Artwork design & Layout by Luke Fraser.
Front cover artwork by Linda J.

Linda J – Vocals, Electric Guitar & Tambourine.
Dannie ‘Bean’ Johnston – Electric & Acoustic Guitar & Backing Vocals.
Angus Boyle – Drums.
Dan McKay – Drums on ‘Lucille’, ‘Dirty Sheets’ & ‘Girl So Mean’
Kim Volkman – Electric Bass, Dobro on ‘Pistol’.
Tim Deane – Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar, Piano, Organ, Piano Accordion, Mandolin & Harmonica.
Anthony Paine – Upright Bass on ‘Lucille’, ‘Dirty Sheets’ & ‘Girl So Mean’.Acoustic Bass on ‘Our Love’.
Jane Dust – Piano on ‘Rolling Thunder’ & ‘Ghosts In A Bullring’.
Lilith Lane – Piano on ‘Finger’.
John Dickson – Backing Vocals on ‘Girl So Mean’.
Idge – Congas on ‘Our Love’ & Timpani on ‘Pistol’,Tambourine.

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1st May, 2012