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CUNTZ – Solid Mates


“It’s delightfully maddening and miserable. Imagine an Australian Pissed Jeans, or these guys’ ’80s/’90s predecessors Venom P. Stinger on a hard drug binge. Get it if you like your rock ugly and unhappy, but with a sardonic sense of humor.”
Aquarius Records

Release date: 12th September, 2013
Limited edition of 750 copies
Vinyl LP, gatefold sleeve + download code

“If you didn’t give a slice of your (y)ear over to Cuntz, you must either hate to laugh or not enjoy getting your head kicked in. I can understand the latter, but I cannot forgive the former. If you ain’t a Solid Mate, say Aloha, baybee. Based upon the wake of their month-long US tour, in the modern parlance, Cuntz “won” 2013.”
Terminal-Boredom End of Year 2013 (EEK)

“All roads lead south, as we drag knuckle deep into ‘Stralia squalor. Cuntz guided us along our personal walkabout with not one, but two LPs of thug-throb and Grong Grong fever: “Aloha” and “Solid Mates”. Both on Homeless. A strange mixture of Aberrant style noiserock, Fall inspired vitriol sneer and that Total Control synth drone. Live shows in the Bay flat out killed it. BEST.”
Terminal-Boredom End of Year 2013 (RSF)

“Australia is constantly throwing punk bands our way, and for some reason, they’re all really great. The latest outfit from down under is the Melbourne-based Cuntz, an unholy racket of a band that perfectly channels the bummer-punk of mid-80’s SST Records. The brand-new LP from Cuntz, Solid Mates (Homeless Records), seems to pick up where Black Flag left off in 1986, so if you’re like me and you’re pretty bummed out over the original Black Flag members’ bickering, lawsuits, and what are essentially lame cover sets, I’d suggest listening to Solid Mates right away. The record combines the atonal, off-kilter, highly aggressive jazz-punk of Black Flag’s last two records with the dirgey noise of modern-day grunge revivalists Pissed Jeans and Metz. The record as a whole is gross, gnarly, and overall, totally refreshing to hear.”
Chicago Reader

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12th September, 2013