Gentlemen - Sex Tape



“I’m mighty glad someone had the good sense and financial fortitude to put Sex Tape, the debut tape from Melbourne’s Gentlemen, on wax. Exploding with frenzied hatred, these 7 tracks of primordial thuggery will leave you rabidly salivating. Twin guitars leer their way across a desolate Antipodean plain of conspiracy, suburban paranoia and faux liberalism, masticating everything as the drums and bass careen through the swirl. Gentlemen sound like four luddites angrily deconstructing a couple of decades worth of noise-punk – and Sex Tape is their manifesto. Top marks for a young band who have the potential to join the canon of other distinguished merchants of negativity and nihilism.”
The Ripe


Release date: 7th December, 2013
Limited edition of 300 copies
Vinyl 12″ + download code

“Unsettling punk somewhere between the art-damage of DAILY VOID, hateful mid-tempo sludge of CONDOMINIUM, and the misanthropy of BRAINBOMBS. Noise and scum and filth and frustration. Dirty streets and disgusting minds. Creeps on the prowl. These Australians make me uncomfortable. I want to meet them.”
Maximum Rock’n’Roll

“Gentlemen are yet another great new band from Melbourne, Australia. Together with Cuntz they are the brightest star of the Aussie noise-punk landscape. Gentlemen made a record that’s noisy, tweaked and distorted. They play ugly punk that lands somewhere right up to the edge of the full-blown, raw rock’n’roll sound of 90s Crypt releases yet at it’s heart, is closest to the nihilism and dirtiness of Flipper, Brainbombs and Stickmen With Rayguns. Gentlemen leave listeners in a blur and self doubt as they power through their set of anxiety ridden songs made with blazing, repetitive riffs, squeaky guitars and rabid vocals. The production sounds raw and filthy, just like this whole brilliant record.”
Ride A Dove

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7th December, 2013