Subtle Turnhips - Redhair With Some




“Kind of like a non-Australian, less goofy UV Race… Great stuff.”
Yellow Green Red

“French auteurs of brain-damaged cave punk… the hairy-palmed ramshackle cousins the Swell Maps never had.”
Florida's Dying


Release date: 23rd June, 2014
Limited edition of 100 transparent orange colour
Vinyl LP, gatefold sleeve + download code

“‘Redhair With Some’ is forged from rumbling gutter-noise and soiled, psychotic post-punk of the highest calibre.
Five whole albums this fierce little three piece have kicked out in the last decade but I’ll happily declare myself to have been a Turnhips virgin until now. It is the perfect fusion of abrasive 90’s noise-rock and scrappy DIY post-punk. Then comes ‘Shame’ which resembles the wonky casual delirium of early Television Personalities. There’s not a finer opening salvo of songs I’ve heard this month.
It continues to be just as engaging, frightening, funny, messy and disturbing as it rapidly stumbles through burning fields of sonic chaos right to its conclusion. These guys don’t give a fuck. If you are in thrall to un-studious, half-feral punk bands who sound like Nikki Sudden banging a speedball in a slimy Chicago dive but have a propensity for penning genius, ramshackle nuggets of controlled abandon then you are totally looking in the right place. My record of the week, no messin’.
Heavy gatefold sleeve with that stunning, vibrant painting, Subtle Turnhips are as deranged and exciting as their art suggests.”
Norman Records

“Let’s start the week with some unhinged French punk rock, yeah? Subtle Turnhips actually brought Redhair With Some out back in June (through great Aussie label Homeless Records no less) but it slipped through my fingers until this weekend. As I was charring sausages to within an inch of their lives, smoke billowing around me, a pint near at hand, the meltdowns this trio dole out fit perfectly with my fried mind. It swings from crunchy blues with feral hues to gravel-rash gutter punk and broken glass rock, all with unfettered, crazy-eyed abandon. And the connection to Homeless is clear from the bent-string anarchy of ‘Cousin’ and the last-gasp whisky rasp of ‘Digit (five)’ to the (suppression) rings being run on ‘Slime’. Redhair With Some is the missing link in Franco-Oz punxploitation (even the artwork is like a lewd reimagining of a Mick Turner/Dirty Three watercolour)”
Sonic Masala

“Subtle Turnhips are a great, long-running French band whose sick “toilet-wave” sounds conjure feelings of delightful wrongfulness that remind us of BRAINBOMBS, SWELL MAPS, Pink Flag-era WIRE, MAYYORS, LES GEORGES LENINGRAD and all the great ugly-sounding scuzz rock from the last 20 years. This stuff is pure pleasure on these ears…pure punk with a small “P”.”

“Last year the Subtle Turnhips were shopping this record around and sent me the raw version of it. One listen and I knew I wanted to put this out, but, alas!, Hozac beat me to it. And why not? The Turnhips play a very special blend of fucked and up, punk rock that is experimental but not pretentious. Think of them as you would Liimanarina or the Ceramic Hobs. Loud, smart, and slanted.”
S-S Records

“If you go to France the Frenchers won’t speak English at you unless you start off by talking to them in French, because they’re dinks. Belgians speak every language on Earth and are better looking and gracious, HOWEVER, these noisey French old guys have been rockin’ it for about 20 years now and there’s an intensity in their Frenchness that overwhelms the dinkiness. It’s a Nick Cave-style caged rage and suppressed meanness that grabs the dinkiness by the lapels on its little peach blazer and tells it “Ey Dink, why don’t you – euuuuuh – how you say, ‘fuck the fuck off’.”

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23rd June, 2014




Black, Transparent Orange