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THE COUNTRY TEASERS are often imitated, often hated, and sometimes called the greatest band of all time. BEN WALLERS is the songwriter from The Teasers, and Ben Wallers is THE REBEL. This LP was recorded during SXSW 2014. It is a major step up in production for those familiar with his more experimental lo-fi releases.


Release date: October, 2014
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“In the past 15 years, Country Teaser Ben “The Rebel” Wallers has built up the kind of solo discography most artists would take years to churn out. Fifteen albums and almost as many EPs on top – does the man ever rest? Here’s another one. “Quite a bit more straight forward than some of his more recent works”, says the press release. It turns out that quite a bit more straightforward is still pretty weird, but the songs do stick to relatively coherent structures with melodies, verses, choruses and lyrics. Those of you who’ve heard much of his previous stuff will know that this means a succession of warped and twisted bedroom indie full of gnarled tones and earworm hooks and goofy voices. Actually the voices seem a bit toned down compared to the Frogs-meet-Pere Ubu bleating of some previous records, but there’s still some oddball robotic madness in ‘Hate-Man & Ultrahate’ while that distinctive nasality does pop up in the drunken drawl of ‘No Way’, sort of like Frogs attempting a cross between Blur’s ‘Country House’ and The Intelligence’s ‘Sunny Backyard’. It’s reliably entertaining lo-fidelity nihilist-pop as usual from this guy, with a sort of automaton post-punk feel in places that brings to mind early DEVO, Servotron or the A Frames, but infected with analogue mud and twitching, broken garage rock.”
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