Cuntz – Aloha in Releases : Mess+Noise

One of Australia’s finest reviewers of music tackles Cuntz:


The first thing you notice is the name: Cuntz. It’s in your face, like the tough kid at high school casually interrogating the reason for your brief glance in his direction, with a slog to the upper body waiting should you fail to provide a satisfactory answer. Whatcha fucken lookin’ at, cunt?

Then again, despite Germaine Greer’s lingering middle-class sensibilities, the word has gradually lost its genuinely offensive edge. Kim Cattrall uttered it in Sex and the City; the hippie-turned-yuppie Jane Fonda even mentioned it on American television. All we need is for Deltra Goodrem to work it into her painfully earnest commentary in The Voice, and linguistic ethnographers will have come to a critical juncture in the word’s sociological evolution.

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by Patrick Emery



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